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"Because a life without meaning, without drive, without focus, without goals or dreams isn’t a life worth living." —Struck By Lightning

You cannot overstate, I don’t think, the impact of a show like Glee has on a generation.

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 Indea Vanmerllin

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You can’t repeat the past. Can’t repeat the past? Why, of course you can.



I’m so tired of people telling me German is an “ugly, angry” language. When my German teacher tells us jokes it’s the sweetest, happiest language in the world. When I teach my father the word for daughter he smiles, repeating “Tochter” to himself until he gets it right, and in that moment German sounds like pride. There’s nothing angry or ugly about a language that never says goodbye, only “until we meet again.”

I think people who say this have only heard German as spoken by movie Nazis. It’s a beautiful language that can sound very soft and sweet. Just because BadGuy McLuftwaffe hisses and barks all those throaty fricatives and glottal stops doesn’t mean they always sound harsh. Go listen to actual German speakers and you’ll see that the stops usually add a melodious rhythm to sentences, and the fricatives are more often like gently rustling leaves than cartoonish loogie hocking. And the vowels are just plain cute.

Frying pans… who knew, right?


Ariana Grande sounds like a font on Microsoft Word

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"Love will thaw. Love. Of course. Love!" 

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